Back to origins: falcons show

25 4 2018

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Ritorno alle origini: spettacolo di falchi e rapaci

From 14 4 to 29 4 2018

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AFFIDARSI, un viaggio fotografico con gli amici di Vada

13 4 2018

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Cronoscalata in MTB alla Fortezza del Girifalco - Rampichiana 2018

A Classical Journey to Electronica - stage 2

10 9 2017

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A Classical Journey to Electronica - stage 2

27 8 2017

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Open performance Residenza artistica / Sosta Palmizi-BIDE-Meaari e Ultimo appuntamento Jazz at Fortress con KOLLETTIVO ELETTROSOFIKO

19 8 2017

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Claudio Coccoluto

16 8 2017

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Samantha Iorio -


From 6 8 to 27 8 2017

The second part of "Fortezza Live Summer" includes a special Jazz review, Jazz @ Fortress, organized by On the Move in collaboration with Dario Pagani, proposes 4 concerts one for every Sunday of the month:

Sunday August 6 - Moon Rays Quartet

Sunday August  13 - Klaus Lessman Quartet

Sunday August 20 - Matteo Addabbo Organ Trio

Sunday August 27 - the grand final with the music of the Collective Electrosofiko, which will combine with a special contemporary dance performance, thanks to the collaboration with Sosta Palmizi and the Bide (Spain) and Meaari (France) companies.

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3 8 2017

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I favolosi anni '50. Party alla Fortezza del Girifalco

30 11 -0001

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Chimenti sings Bowie • Fortezza Live Summer

9 7 2017

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Chimenti canta Bowie • Fortezza Live Summer

21 6 2017

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30 11 -0001

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Che tutto si muove e nulla sta fermo

From 17 6 to 2 7 2017

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UP THE DUFF - Londra Milano Cortona

11 6 2017

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From 7 6 to 28 6 2017

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Storie a occhi chiusi - 4 reading itineranti in Fortezza per accendere l'immaginazione - a cura di Alessandra Bedino e Claudia Manini - un progetto INTERNO12


20 5 2017

As part of the 2017 Contemporary Art in Fortezza, the Cultural Association ONTHEMOVE in collaboration with Art Adoption, are pleased to support the first project of "Artistic Residence in the Girifalco Fortress".
The project realization was entrusted to Art Adoption, which will take care of the entire organization of the guest's residence and hospitality, while ONTHEMOVE will support the realization of the work through the provision of materials and logistical support.
The sculptor LEANDRO LOTTICI, who will reside in Cortona from 13 to 20 May, will be invited to work on the work. He will work in the gardens of the Fortezza del Girifalco by completing a site specific project that will be inaugurated on May 20 at 12 am Period of residence.
During the days of the residence, visitors to the Fortezza will be able to see the artist at work and follow the birth of a work from the title "Obelisk" through all the stages of realization.
We also thank the Private Collection 2M Collection project holder and your courteous donation.
The project intends to become the first of a series of acquisitions of works in the Fortezza del Girifalco, the result of the new collaboration between ONTHEMOVE and ART ADOPTION.

Leandro Lottici
She lives and works in Anzio.
Mainly works steel and other metals. Also active in painting and graphics, use the woodcut to translate images of skyscrapers and buildings, leading the way of his artistic research. In painting he works his urban landscapes with building materials such as cement, plastic and celotex.
One of his latest projects, edited by Paola Di Giammaria, was premiered in October 2015 at MAXXI in Rome. Now in Milan with the exhibition Up the Duff by Miguel Mallol along with British sculptor Rosie Leventon, he shows that he will arrive in Cortona in June next year.
His works have been bought by various public bodies (including NAMOC - National Gallery of Modern Art in Beijing, Customs Agency - Ministry of Finance, Rome and the Archives of the Vatican Philately and Numismatic Office). He has built up permanent installations in public spaces of several Italian cities

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Cortona Sounday

11 6 2017

Cortona Sounday: noon-midnight, 12-hour party in the majestic Cortona's Girifalco Fortress.

Nothing will be left to chance, and once you enter, you will hardly be able to go back ... Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

See you on the dancefloor.

Click on the button to buy your pre-sale through PayPal:

N.B. The present receipt, of a cost of 12 €, must be presented to the cash desk on the day of the event and gives you the right to withdraw the entrance tickets for the Girifalco Fortress and for the event. (€ 5 Fortress + € 7 event).

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Cortona Sounday: mezzogiorno-mezzanotte, 12 ore di festa nella maestosa Fortezza del Girifalco di Cortona.

25 4 2017

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IL TEATRO DELL'ARIA - Spettacolo di volo di aquile e falchi - con Paolo fontani e Gherardo Brami

From 8 4 to 20 5 2017

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La Fortezza Sensoriale - Attività e giochi per bambini

7 4 2017

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Fortress Opening

From 25 3 to 26 3 2017

We are happy to inform that during the next week ends of 25-26/3; 1-2/4 and 8-9/4 the Fortress will be open from 10.00 to 18.00.

Starting from april 14 the Fortress will be open every day.

For more info:

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Pre-apertura Fortezza

BOBO RONDELLI - 'Ciampi ve lo faccio vedere io'

2 9 2016

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BOBO RONDELLI - 'Ciampi ve lo faccio vedere io'

Tuscan Dinner and charity Blues concert

31 8 2016

After the acoustic guitar workshop that they will hold in Arezzo, we have the honor of presenting the magnificent setting of the Fortress of Girifalco Woody Mann and David Mastrangelo with their acoustic blues guitars. An event not to be missed! The best dishes of traditional Tuscan cuisine prepared by the expert hands of Sergio Salti and Marco Ghezzi will introduce the evening of great music. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Via Nazionale 45 in Cortona or at the ticket office of the Girifalco Fortress. Ticket for dinner + concert € 25 Ticket for only concert € 10 All the income of the event will be donated to the campaign in siupport of the Fortress restoration #FaiVolareilGirifalco at For information and reservations write to or call 347 3300362.

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Cena e concerto di beneficenza alla

24 7 2016

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23 7 2016

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22 7 2016

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Closing of 1 day - July 2nd 2016

30 11 -0001

Saturday July 2 the Girifalco Fortress will host an event and will be closed to the public

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Chiusura di 1 giorno - 2 Luglio 2016

Shakespeare in the Fortress

From 15 6 to 22 7 2016

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Shakespeare in Fortezza

Yoga in the Fortress

From 6 6 to 29 6 2016

Facing the sunset on the terrace up the Santa Margherita bastion, or within the fresh curtains of Mastio in the Girifalco Fort, a yoga class, taught by Gabriele, it is recommended for people of all ages.

Gabriele suggest stretching exercises in various degrees of difficulty.

The purpose is to relax the body and mind regenerating using the breath to improve the relationship with oneself in union with the Whole.

Gabriele also specializes in teaching yoga of laughter: 'sometimes laugh with simple and effective exercises'.

Every Monday and Wednesday from 6.30 p.m. untill 8.00 p.m.

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Yoga in Fortezza

Flights of Eagles and Falcons in the 'Theatre of the Air' of Girifalco Fortress - 2 and 5 June hr 4:00 pm-6:00 pm

From 2 6 to 5 6 2016

Flights of Eagles and Falcons in the 'Theatre of the Air' of Girifalco Fortress


"Those who ride the wind".

A afternoon away from the stress, cornicie in the beautiful landscape of the Fortress of Girifalco, you will admire wonderful aerial evolutions of falcons and eagles trained by falconers: Paolo Fontani, Gherardo Brami and Guglielmo Ventimiglia.

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Voli di Aquile e Falchi nel 'Teatro dell'Aria' della Fortezza del Girifalco - 2 e 5 Giugno ore 16:00-18:00

PICNIC in the fortress

From 24 4 to 25 4 2016

Il tuo PICNIC in Fortezza domenica 24 e lunedi 25 aprile.

Il picnic avra' luogo anche in caso di maltempo e si terra' nei magnifici spazi del Mastio.

Vieni a scoprire la stupenda Fortezza del Girifalco a Cortona, al resto pensiamo noi!

Siediti nei suoi assolati e verdi prati, scegli tra i buonissimi piatti e panini tipici toscani accompagnati da vini locali e altre bevande... e goditi il panorama più bello sulla Valdichiana!

Prezzi dei piatti, dai primi al dessert da 3,5€ a 6€
Abbiamo pensato anche ai vegetariani!

Orari: dalle 10.00 alle 18.00

Per info e costi scrivici a o chiama il 3336780413

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PICNIC in Fortezza

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